Cymbidium Registrations

Over the years, in order to keep labels short and simple for plants that we have sold in flask, we have made many registrations of our parent plants with the Royal Horticultural Society.  These registrations are listed below.

We intend entering some of our plants in shows in the coming years and may well make further registrations which will be added to the list below.

If any registration you are looking for is not listed below, it can be checked at this site:

The Royal Horticultural Society requires anyone seeking to register an orchid name to obtain the permission of the originator.  After the closure of Firetail Orchids, in case anyone wishes to register a new name for any cross made by Firetail Orchids, we will maintain up to date contact details on this website into the future.

When seeking our permission, it would assist us to give a positive response quickly if proposed new names could preferably be in the format "Firetail (your proposed word)".  It will also assist a quick positive response if you avoid overused words like Delight and Dream!

Firetail Orchids


Firetail Fixation Valley Legend × Chocolate Drop
Firetail Formula Foxfire Stones × Gold Carrot
Firetail Quake Valley Mini Cauldron × Gwen Thomas
Firetail Rajah Glowing Candle × Gwen Thomas
Firetail Shire Lancashire Khan × Munno Para
Liz Jackson Perfect Gleam × Kimberley Splash
Red Doll Dolly × Red Nelly
Regent Born Valley Regent × Vogelsang


Firetail Delivery Pamela Rigby × Foxfire Stones
Firetail Firmament Margaret Thatcher × Trace's Candle
Firetail Goddess Glowing Gold × Catamarca
Firetail Justify Foxfire Georgia × Foxfire Principal
Firetail Larrikin Foxfire Principal × Gwen Thomas
Firetail Melody Allumination × Pretty Melody
Firetail Rock Royal Winter × Perfect Gleam
Firetail Wordsmith Foxfire Georgia × Glowing Bullion
Foxfire Georgia Valley Field Two × Tracey Reddaway  (Foxfire)
Glimmer of Sun Vibrant Bliss × Conqueso  (Bryants)
Gold Glimmer Pharaoh's Gold × Glimmer of Sun  (S.Mumford)
Jimbo Rose Jimbo Tupp × Reggae Rose  (K.Black)
Trace's Candle Ramperkai × Trace's Bullion  (Bryants)


Firetail Feline Foxfire Principal × Kakadu
Threshold Summer Ice × Katydid  (G.Bryant)
Pure Desire Pure Ransom × Pure Destiny
Pure Valley Pure Desire × Memoria Merv Dunn  (G.Morris)


Anna Meares Cronulla × Red Nelly
Dawn Flame Pure Dawn × Yowie Flame  (G.Morris)
Dynamic Khan Akebono × Wyong Khan  (K.Black)
Firetail Attract The Charmer × Perfect Gleam
Firetail Dynamo Pharaoh's Gold × Yowie Flame
Firetail Enchant The Charmer × Show White
Firetail Fedora Khan Flame × Reggae Rose
Firetail Freedom Valley Zenith × Valley Sensation
Firetail Guru Valley Winter × Lancashire Khan
Firetail Noble Royal Winter × Mesa Zia
Firetail Pilot Del Mar × Khan Flame
Firetail Platform Olympic Podium × Valley Oracle
Firetail Praise May Glory × Valley Legend
Kath Lips Kath Nicholson × Fire Lips  (K.Black)
Katy's Gaze Pure Bryants × Katydid   (K.Black)
Katy's Ray Ultimate Ray × Katydid  (K.Black)
Kintyre Lips Kintyre Gold × Kath Lips  (K.Black)
Memoria Richard Arnold Pharaoh's Gold × Foxfire Pharaoh
Regent Dawn Valley Regent × Dawn Flame  (G.Morris)
Snow Storm Portuguese Passion × Memoria Merv Dunn  (Bryants)
Valley Sensation Red Valley × Regent Dawn  (G.Morris)


Bountiful Dan Minneken × Wyong Flame  (K.Black)
Dazzling Pepper Red Nelly × Flaming Pepper  (K.Black)
Firetail Command Pamela Rigby × Perfect Bliss
Firetail Contrast Pamela Rigby × Gwen Thomas
Firetail Fanfare Perfect Bliss × Foxfire Patrician
Firetail Firebrand Lancashire Khan × Red Adair
Firetail Guide Valley Oracle × Valley Legend
Firetail Holiday Valley Legend × Valley Splash
Firetail Inspire Allumination × Valley Mini Cauldron
Firetail Monarch Royal Winter × Valley Palace
Firetail Parade Show White × Valley Regent
Firetail Prosper Cherry Cola × Spicy Khan
Firetail Relish Happy Promenade × Red Valley
Firetail Verdant May Glory × Valley Oracle
Firetail Weapon Graceful Joy × Valley Legend
Foxfire Hibernate Pharaoh's Gold × Yowie Rose  (Foxfire)
Foxfire Patrician Valley Legend × Kellys Winter  (Foxfire)
Jessie Sonnet Jessie Blakiston × Sylvan Star  (K.Black)
Jim's Harmony Jimbo Tupp × Memoria Joan Bryant  (K.Black)
Lancashire Jim Jimbo Tupp × Lancashire Khan  (K.Black)
Misty Angel Rebekah Akehurst × Lovely Angel  (K.Black)
Moroccan Fury Pepper Fury × Lancashire Khan  (K.Black)
Musket Pepper Fury × Cadel Evans  (K.Black)
Peter Rochfort Foxfire Hibernate × Foxfire Stones
Raquel's Sonnet Jessie Sonnet × Khan Flame  (K.Black)
Star Tiara Stargard × Early White  (Bryants)


Dalmeny Lady Leopard-Lady × Valley Splash  (T.Schutz)
Dragon Ice Pendragon × Ice-On-Fire  (K.Black)
Firetail Adorn Valley Oracle × Graceful Joy
Firetail Decorate Tony McCartney × Kakadu
Firetail Festival May Glory × Winter Showers
Firetail Gymnast Valley Legend × Foxfire Principal
Firetail Haven Margaret Thatcher × May Glory
Firetail Influence Khan Flame × Valley Olympic
Firetail Project Pamela Rigby × Valley Legend
Firetail Publicity May Glory × Foxfire Principal
Firetail Showcase Show White × Valley Zenith
Firetail Showpiece Show White × Red Valley
Foxfire Vivid Foxfire Dancer × Foxfire Honey  (Foxfire)
Lauren Jackson Pink Blossom × Khan Flame
Red Vampire Valley Vampire × Red Nelly  (Morris)
Starlet Little Rod × Stargard  (Bryants)


Artistic Rembrandt × Yellow Sun  (Valley)
Cadel Evans Khan Flame × Lancashire Khan  (Bryants)
Dalmeny Splash* Dutchman's Delight × Valley Splash  (T. Schutz)
Firetail Angels Lancashire Khan × Surman's Rose
Firetail Apprentice Show White × Valley Legend
Firetail Faith Lovely Snow × Royal Winter
Firetail Grapevine Valley Oracle × Cronulla
Firetail Impulse Lovely Angel × Rod
Firetail Intuition Valley Oracle × Spicy Khan
Firetail Journey Del Mar × Valley Legend
Firetail Lightning Red Beauty × Pretty Melody
Firetail Necessity Pure Destiny × Foxfire Pharaoh
Firetail Powerhouse Happy Promenade × Lady Angela
Firetail Spectrum Cronulla × Kakadu
Firetail Speedway Tracey Reddaway × Del Mar
Foxfire Crush Coratea × Kakadu Sunset  (Foxfire)
Foxfire Fare Royale Fare × Yowie Pepper  (Foxfire)
Foxfire Khan Khan Flame × Pebbles  (Foxfire)
Foxfire Pharaoh Pharaoh's Star × Sleeping Nymph  (Foxfire)
Foxfire Principal Margaret Thatcher × Foxfire Topaz  (Foxfire)
Foxfire Stones Coratea × Foxfire Harvest  (Foxfire)
Foxfire Sunset Tracey Reddaway × Foxfire Wall  (Foxfire)
Foxfire Wall Lancashire Rose × Wallara  (Foxfire)
Glowing Bullion Trace's Bullion × Lofty Glow  (Bryants)
Graceful Joy Laura Arda × Jean Ramp  (Bryants)
Jean Ramp Jean Slattery × Rampur  (Bryants)
Lovely Debut Spring Charisma × Lovely Angel  (Bryants)
May Glory Del Mar × Olympic Podium  (Bryants)
Olympic Swimmer Valley Van Hoogenband × Valley Klim  (Valley)
Pamela Rigby Foxfire Dancer × Foxfire Harvest  (Foxfire)
Perfect Gleam Margaret Thatcher × Lunakira  (Bryants)
* We apologise for any confusion arising from a change in the name of this registration.  We were advised by the RHS in writing that this grex was registered as Dalmeny Delight but have now become aware that the registration is for Dalmeny Splash.


Firetail Eternal Lancashire Khan × Lovely Snow
Firetail Showtime Show White × Valley Splash
Firetail Sprite Valley Zenith × Touchstone
Memoria Jim Gillis Valley Splash × Rotorua

Battack Orchids


Awesome Era Zenera × Valley Splash
Berry Flame Jessie Khan × Khan Flame
Feather Clouds Dolly × Summer Clouds
Flaming Ruby Red Panther × Flaming Pepper
Jim Barron Jimbo Tupp × Khan Flame
Little Jim Jimbo Tupp × Little Rod
Regent Pepper Valley Regent × Flaming Pepper
Royale Clouds Trigo Royale × Summer Clouds
Ruby Beacon Beaconfire × Lancashire Ruby


Dynamic Tango Tango × Akebono
Fred Weir Bing Santa × Akebono
Fury Land Blazing Fury × Last Tango  (Bryants)
Glowing Candle Ramperkai × Advent Glow  (Bryants)
Glowing Gold Advent Glow × Trinity Gold  (Bryants)
Justa Tango Tango × Justa Kiwi Girl
Kalbeeba Coast Kalbeeba Rose × Wyong Flame
Last Boland Rolf Boland × Last Tango
Last Santa Bing Santa × Last Tango
Last Valley Valley Regent × Last Tango
Last Yowie Yowie Rose × Last Tango  (Royale)
Ocean Mem. Merv Dunn × Fluoro  (Bryants)
Panther Rose Red Panther × Lancashire Rose
Perfect Bliss Margaret Thatcher × Vibrant Bliss  (Bryants)
Pepper Fury Blazing Fury × Yowie Pepper
Pepper Khan Flaming Pepper × Lancashire Khan  (Bryants)
Red Fury Red Valley × Blazing Fury  (Bryants)
Stunning Doll Dolly × Mem. Merv Dunn
Ultimate Ray Rose Armstrong × Mem. Merv Dunn  (Bryants)
Velvet Touch Touchstone × Tango
Yowie Beauty Alexandra Beauty × Yowie Rose  (Bryants)
Zen Emerald Autumn Emerald × Valley Zenith


Applause Tango × Richard Tauber
Blazing Carrot Blazing Fury × Mighty Carrot
Blow Torch Mini Khan × Khan Flame
Bravo Khan Flame × Richard Tauber
Cracked Pepper Yowie Pepper × Indian
Green Stone Autumn Emerald × Ovation
Gold Carrot Trinity Gold × Mighty Carrot
Hustler Tathra × Last Tango  (Bryants)
Indian Jimbo Tupp × Sylvan Khan
Jessie's Crystal Jessie Khan × Winter Court
Jessie Khan Jessie Blakiston × Cronulla
Last Baker Last Tango × Doctor Baker
Lonhro Mighty Carrot × Justa Kiwi Girl
Mighty Carrot Mighty Mouse × Tethys  (Royale)
Red Autumn Kath Nicholson × Red Coral
Regent Flame Khan Flame × Valley Regent
Reggae Rose Valley Regent × Foxfire Rose
Tango Khan Cronulla × Last Tango
Thunder Touchstone × Last Tango