Mericlone Flasks

We do not sell individual plants by mail order.

The plants offered below are already in production as wholesale pot plants in our nursery.  Many of them have obvious potential for use on the showbench.  Some have potential as cut flower producers.

All of the plants listed grow quickly with moderately sized bulbs and foliage and can be groomed quickly and easily for best presentation when in flower.

Information on additional mericlone flasks that are proposed to become available in the coming months appear at the bottom of this list.

April Flowering
FT 36 Katy's Gold 'Archie', Intermediate. Katy's Gold 'Archie' Katy's Gold 'Archie'
Early May Flowering for Mother's Day
FT 37 Katy's Gold 'Cameron', Intermediate. Katy's Gold 'Cameron' Katy's Gold 'Cameron'
FT 49 Firetail Powerhouse 'Sun Spots', Small Standard. Firetail Powerhouse 'Sun Spots' Firetail Powerhouse 'Sun Spots'
FT 50 Artistic 'Piper', Intermediate. Artistic 'Piper' Artistic 'Piper'
FT 51 Munno Para 'Chloe', Intermediate. Munno Para 'Chloe' Munno Para 'Chloe'
FT 69 Firetail Speedway 'Danica', Standard. Firetail Speedway 'Danica' Firetail Speedway 'Danica'
FT 70 Pink Celebration 'Carmel', Intermediate. Pink Celebration 'Carmel' Pink Celebration 'Carmel'
May Flowering
FT 61 Foxfire Khan 'Sophie', Standard. Foxfire Khan 'Sophie' Foxfire Khan 'Sophie'
June Flowering
FT 35 Stunning Doll 'Jennifer Lee', Intermediate. Stunning Doll 'Jennifer Lee' Stunning Doll 'Jennifer Lee'
FT 72 Jim's Harmony 'Triumph', Miniature. Jim's Harmony 'Triumph' Jim's Harmony 'Triumph'
July Flowering
FT 46 Stunning Doll 'Margi', Intermediate. Stunning Doll 'Margi' Stunning Doll 'Margi'
FT 67 Regent Pepper 'Jackson', Standard. Regent Pepper 'Jackson' Regent Pepper 'Jackson'
FT 75 Peter Rochfort 'Game Changer', Small Standard. Peter Rochfort 'Game Changer' Peter Rochfort 'Game Changer'
August Flowering
FT 44 Gwen Thomas 'Old Gold', Standard. Gwen Thomas 'Old Gold' Gwen Thomas 'Old Gold'
FT 54 Dalmeny Splash 'Mystique', Standard. Dalmeny Splash 'Mystique' Dalmeny Splash 'Mystique'
September Flowering
FT 29 Ruby Pendant 'Red Cascade', pendulous Miniature. Ruby Pendant 'Red Cascade'

Flask Orders and Pricing

Flasks contain at least 25 plants.  Flasks are not available "off the shelf", but will be prepared upon receipt of your order.  Delivery time cannot be accurately estimated in advance, but may be as short as four months or as long as one year.

Price per flask for all varieties except FT 75:

  • Customer's first flask of each variety $110.00 (including GST);
  • Customer's subsequent flasks of that variety, whether at the same time or later, $88.00 (including GST).

Price per flask for variety FT 75:

  • Customer's first flask $165.00 (including GST);
  • Customer's subsequent flasks of FT 75, whether at the same time or later, $88.00 (including GST).

Exclusive use of any of the plants listed is available following further negotiation.

Export prices will be subject to negotiation and do not include GST.  For export customers only, original tissue can be sent to you for culture in a laboratory – price on application.

If you are interested in purchasing flasks of mericlones of any plant on our Photos page, mericloning can probably be arranged for you at prices similar to those quoted above.

Freight is extra at cost.

Payment will be requested when buyers are advised that an order is ready for collection or posting.

Proposed Mericlone Flasks

March Flowering
Kusuda Shining 'Geyserland', Intermediate. Kusuda Shining 'Geyserland'
April Flowering
Enzan Summer 'Pure Light', Intermediate. Enzan Summer 'Pure Light' Enzan Summer 'Pure Light'
Threshold 'Birthday Boy', Intermediate. Threshold 'Birthday Boy' Threshold 'Birthday Boy'
Threshold 'Birthday Girl' Threshold 'Birthday Girl' Threshold 'Birthday Girl'