Firetail Orchids says Goodbye!

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Who we are

Firetail Orchids was a wholesale cymbidium orchid nursery operating in South Nowra, New South Wales.  It was owned and run by husband and wife, Trevor and Pam Hughes

Firetail Orchids ceased trading at the end of the 2018 flowering season, in September 2018.  We thank all of our customers for their loyal support over the years.

The Royal Horticultural Society requires anyone seeking to register an orchid name to obtain the permission of the originator.  In case anyone wishes to register a new name for any cross made by Firetail Orchids, we will maintain up to date contact details on this website.  Go to the Registrations page for more information.

Where does the name come from?

Firetail FinchFiretail FinchesFiretail Orchids took its name from the Red Browed Firetail Finch (Neochmia temporalis).  Particularly during spring and summer, we had many of these on our property, even in and around the orchids.