Firetail Orchids Cymbidium Flask List 2014/15

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Welcome to the fifth seedling flask list issued by Firetail Orchids.

This list is made up of crosses from the 2013 flowering season.  Germination was much better than the previous season so this list is much longer and we have reverted to our usual practice of including in the list crosses with a reasonable germination (15 to 20 flasks) and good germination (more than 20 flasks available).  In addition we have included a few crosses with availability as low as only 8 flasks where there would be a colour/size/flowering time gap.  Where availability is between 8 and 15 flasks, the description will state that availability is limited.

Kevin Black continues in his mentoring role and we appreciate his help greatly.

Trevor and Pam Hughes

FLASK LIST E, 2014/2015
Miniature Seedling Flasks
(Bloom size less than 60mm)
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  Because we run a wholesale pot plant nursery, all of our seedling crosses are designed to produce great pot plants.  A great pot plant Miniature is also a great showbench plant!
E 01 Jimbo Tupp 'Stevie'Jimbo Tupp ‘Stevie’ x Ruby Eyes ‘Red Baron’ (4N)Ruby Eyes 'Red Baron' (4N)
July.  Pink.  ‘Stevie’ has frequently been crossed with Standards to produce good quality Intermediates, so this cross with another small flowered plant is quite unusual.  It brings small bulbs and foliage that should moderate the larger foliage of ‘Red Baron’.  It also brings very stiff, upright and straight stems that should convert the pendulous stems of ‘Red Baron’ to upright.  We expect these to be pretty and floriferous.
E 02 Applause 'Taylor'Applause ‘Taylor’ x Jim Barron ‘Fifi’Jim Barron 'Fifi' (Limited)
September.  Pink.  At the only showing of ‘Taylor’, at the September 2008 meeting of the NSW cymbidium club, it attracted much favourable comment and was judged best seedling.  With the Standard Khan Flame ‘Baroness’ as one parent it is surprising that ‘Fifi’ has such small flowers and foliage.  These will be shapely and, like E 01, will be pretty and floriferous.
Intermediate Seedling Flasks
(Bloom size 60mm to 85mm)
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  Because we run a wholesale pot plant nursery, all of our seedling crosses are designed to produce great pot plants.  A great pot plant Intermediate is also a great showbench plant!
E 03 Pink Celebration 'Carmel'Pink Celebration ‘Carmel’ x Mesa Zia ‘Preview’Mesa Zia 'Preview'
April/May.  Pink.  One of our Mother's Day production mericlones, ‘Carmel’ has masses of blooms above the foliage.  ‘Preview’ flowers prolifically on tall upright stems even earlier, in mid-April.  We expect quick growing plants of moderate size with lots of blooms to start the season with a bang.
E 04 Firetail Command 'Sanctify'Firetail Command ‘Sanctify’ x Katy's Gold ‘Archie’Katy's Gold 'Archie'
April/June.  Alba Yellow.  We grew hundreds of Katy's Gold seedlings and selected only three because we wanted true yellow (we think green/yellow is ugly) and we wanted plants that flowered readily.  ‘Archie’ is the earliest of those, flowering in the second half of April.  An intense dark yellow, ‘Sanctify’ has lots of blooms with wide tepals (petals and sepals) and heavy substance in June.
E 05 Jessie Blackiston 'Tetsugetses'Jessie Blackiston ‘Tetsugetses’ x Foxfire Khan ‘Sophie'’Foxfire Khan 'Sophie'
May.  Polychrome.  ‘Tetsugetses’ is a fine parent with many successful crosses to its credit.  There are very few cymbidiums that flower as early as ‘Sophie’ and that also have blooms as large and as shapely.  We expect blooms in a range of colours on tall strong upright stems very early in the season.
E 06 Jessie Blackiston 'Tetsugetses'Jessie Blackiston ‘Tetsugetses’ x Khan Fury ‘Glisten’Khan Fury 'Glisten' (Limited)
May/June.  Red.  Similar to E 05, but using the lustrous red ‘Glisten’, and not quite as early.  Again we expect floriferous plants with good quality blooms above the foliage.
E 07 Foxfire Stones 'Mick Jagger'Foxfire Stones ‘Mick Jagger’ x Katydid (4N)Katydid (4N)
May/June.  Green (25% Alba).  ‘Mick Jagger’ proved that it is an alba factor carrier by producing the fabulous Peter Rochfort ‘Game Changer’Peter Rochfort 'Game Changer'.  The green alba miniature Katydid has been used successfully with alba yellows and we are keen to see if we can produce alba greens.  Some of these may be lemon yellow.
E 08 Pink Celebration 'Carmel'Pink Celebration ‘Carmel’ x Reggae Rose ‘Jordan’Reggae Rose 'Jordan'
May/August.  Pink.  Described in E 03, ‘Carmel’ is a very floriferous pink – last season, 12 stems from 7 new bulbs in a 200mm pot.  ‘Jordan’ is a floriferous, very shapely, high quality, mid to soft pink with Small Standard blooms with great labellums held above moderate foliage.  Most of these will flower in June and July and on top of their other features will be pretty.
E 09 Jimbo Tupp 'Stevie'Jimbo Tupp ‘Stevie’ x Viking King ‘Hagar’Viking King 'Hagar'
June/July.  White.  Miniature ‘Stevie’ has been used extensively by ourselves, Kevin Black and Gordon Giles to produce high quality plants.  With the Standard white commercial cut flower variety ‘Hagar’, we are looking for a result like Pearly Gates ‘Angel’Pearly Gates ‘Angel’.
E 10 Katy's Gaze 'Siany'Katy's Gaze ‘Siany’ x Foxfire Valley ‘Delilah’Foxfire Valley 'Delilah'
June/August.  Green (25% Alba).  A productive small Intermediate light alba green, ‘Siany’ has a striking white labellum.  ‘Delilah’ is a shapely alba factor carrier with bloom size near the lower end of the Standard size range.  It has clean green tepals and a labellum with a few markings over an apricot/pink blush edge.  We expect productive plants and striking labellums will be a feature.
E 11 Misty Angel 'Lovable'Misty Angel ‘Lovable’ x Show White ‘Ikeda’Show White 'Ikeda'
July.  White.  With extraordinarily wide bloom tepals, ‘Lovable’ offers the opportunity to set a new standard for shape in Intermediate whites.  It has several areas requiring improvement – stems that are a bit short and bendy, and a bloom that is cupped – all complemented perfectly by the strong, tall, upright stems and "flat" blooms of ‘Ikeda’, which is one parent of the Firetail Showtime grexFiretail Showtime 'Cabaret'.
E 12 Rebekah Akehurst 'Misty'Rebekah Akehurst ‘Misty’ x Perfect Gleam ‘Bella’Perfect Gleam 'Bella'
July.  White.  We may never have used Miniature ‘Misty’ as a parent if we had not seen its offspring ‘Lovable’, described above in E 11.  With the strong upright stems of ‘Bella’ we are expecting shapely blooms in profusion above moderate foliage.
E 13 Firetail Apprentice 'Brooke'Firetail Apprentice ‘Brooke’ x Firetail Inspire ‘Sandy’Firetail Inspire ‘Sandy’
E 14 Foxfire Sunset ‘Amelia’ x Firetail Inspire ‘Sandy’Firetail Inspire 'Sandy'
Both July.  Yellow.  Two Intermediate by Intermediate crosses promising productive and attractive plants.  ‘Brooke’ and ‘Amelia’ have tall, strong, upright stems with masses of blooms but the colour of their blooms is not as dark and bright as we prefer.  On the other hand, ‘Sandy’ has blooms of a striking shade.  It also has an immaculate labellum.
E 15 Gentle Touch 'Bon Bon'Gentle Touch ‘Bon Bon’ x Kimberley Valley ‘Zoe’Kimberley Valley 'Zoe'
July/August.  Green.  The Intermediate ‘Zoe’ is our new shapely parent from our remake of a successful grex, Kimberley Valley.  It was a surprise to get such small blooms from a cross with Standard parents.  A frequently successful plant on the showbench, ‘Bon Bon’ brings a cleaner deeper colour and "flatter" blooms.  The best of these should be very good indeed!
E 16 Last Yowie 'Cambewarra'Last Yowie ‘Cambewarra’ x Dazzling Pepper ‘Adam’Dazzling Pepper 'Adam'
E 17 Blazing Carrot 'Hellraiser'Blazing Carrot ‘Hellraiser’ x Dazzling Pepper ‘Adam’Dazzling Pepper 'Adam' (Limited)
Both July/August.  Red/Brown.  We found it hard to choose between these two crosses so we are really looking forward to growing both of them!  ‘Adam’ has blooms that have close to perfect labellums and are shapely and lustrous on strong upright stems.  ‘Cambewarra’ flowers easily and profusely with tall stems above moderate foliage.  ‘Hellraiser’ is even more prolific – its second flowering was 11 stems in a 175mm pot.
E 18 Drouin Masterpiece 'Renae'Drouin Masterpiece ‘Renae’ x Gold Carrot ‘Leroy’Gold Carrot 'Leroy'
July/August.  Orange.  In this matching, we see ‘Renae’ bringing the rich orange colour and superb shape, while ‘Leroy’ brings the taller stems and less bunched blooms.  The best will be very good and the rest will be strong commercially.
E 19 Zen Emerald 'Angus'Zen Emerald ‘Angus’ x Firetail Freedom ‘Luther’Firetail Freedom 'Luther'
July/September.  Green.  ‘Angus’ is a powerhouse, spiking both sides of the bulb, tall stems with masses of blooms of surprisingly good shape for a small bloom.  The Firetail Freedom grex has a Valley Zenith on one side.  On the other side is a combination of several Valley Orchids' dark red pot plants, which is obviously not an expected pathway to clean greens, nor particularly good shape, but introduces considerable genetic variation.  ‘Luther’ is far from a clean green but this makes it more commercially interesting because it is so different.
E 20 Jimbo Tupp 'Stevie'Jimbo Tupp ‘Stevie’ x Joan's Era ‘Liz’Joan's Era 'Liz' (Limited)
August.  White.  E 09 has a description of ‘Stevie’, and here we are again looking for a Pearly Gates ‘Angel’ result with the shapely white Standard ‘Liz’.  These will be floriferous with strong upright stems holding blooms above moderate foliage.
E 21 Jimbo Tupp 'Stevie'Jimbo Tupp ‘Stevie’ x Kimberley Valley ‘Zoe’Kimberley Valley 'Zoe'
August.  Green.  Both of these parents appear above (E 09 and E 15).  Miniature ‘Stevie’ allows the colour of the other parent to dominate, so these are expected to be green, and it will also open up the cupped blooms of ‘Zoe’.  We expect these to be floriferous.  They will be quite shapely for a small bloom, taking full advantage of the surprisingly small blooms on Intermediate ‘Zoe’ that has parents that are full-sized Standards.
E 22 Bill Hardgrave 'We Wonder'Bill Hardgrave ‘We Wonder’ x Foxfire Valley ‘Delilah’Foxfire Valley 'Delilah'
August.  Green.  Kevin Black urged us to do this cross using his miniature ‘We Wonder’, that displays all of the good features of its parent Jimbo Tupp ‘Stevie’, but with improved shape.  Described in E 10, 'Delilah' should ensure that most of these are a clear light green and many should feature a blush edging on the labellum.  We expect masses of blooms on strong upright stems above moderate foliage.
E 23 Katy's Ray 'Alicia'Katy's Ray ‘Alicia’ x Foxfire Valley ‘Delilah’Foxfire Valley 'Delilah'
August.  Green (25% Alba).  Here again with ‘Delilah’, we are taking advantage of the fact that it is a carrier of the alba factor looking to produce full albas and more carriers, all with improved shape and a better shade of green.  ‘Alicia’ is a flowering machine, with masses of blooms on tall stems above modest foliage.
E 24 Drouin Masterpiece 'Kathy Bailey'Drouin Masterpiece ‘Kathy Bailey’ x Gold Carrot ‘Dale’
E 25 Drouin Masterpiece 'Kathy Bailey'Drouin Masterpiece ‘Kathy Bailey’ x Kintyre Lips ‘Tammy’Kintyre Lips 'Tammy'
Both August.  Orange.  When we first saw examples of the Drouin Masterpiece grex we were greatly impressed and we thank Ken Purcell for providing us with three of his best, including ‘Kathy Bailey’, a deep orange shapely Intermediate.  It has few faults, but stem length to the bottom bloom needs improvement and the blooms are too bunched together.  Both ‘Dale’ and ‘Tammy’ will address these issues, ensuring a high quality result.
E 26 Reggae Rose 'Jess'Reggae Rose ‘Jess’ x Firetail Showpiece ‘Kristy’Firetail Showpiece 'Kristy'
August/September.  Red and Dark Pink.  Two flowering powerhouses for late in the season.  ‘Jess’ is one parent of the fabulous new Firetail Fedora ‘Stylish’Firetail Fedora 'Stylish'that appears several times below.  ‘Jess’ has tall, strong, no-nonsense stems carrying 20 or more blooms.  ‘Kristy’ is surprisingly shapely given its pot plant background.  These will grow quickly with good vigour and flower readily requiring little if any grooming to present at their best.
Small Standard Seedling Flasks
(Bloom size 85mm to 100mm)
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  Because we run a wholesale pot plant nursery, all of our seedling crosses are designed to produce great pot plants.  Great showbench Small Standard plants must meet higher standards.
We will indicate below (with SB), which crosses also have a high showbench expectation.
E 27 Pink Celebration 'Carmel'Pink Celebration ‘Carmel’ x Firetail Attract ‘Marianna’Firetail Attract 'Marianna'
May.  Light Pink.  ‘Carmel’ is a floriferous, attractive small Intermediate pink flowering late in April, and with the shapely Flaming Vulcan ‘Dural’ as one parent, we are expecting shape to come back in this cross.  ‘Marianna’ is a full-shaped white Small Standard with a beautiful pink blush edge.  These will make mothers happy on Mother's Day!
E 28 Munno Para 'Chloe'Munno Para ‘Chloe’ x Firetail Praise ‘Tamara’Firetail Praise 'Tamara'
May.  Yellow.  ‘Chloe’ is one of our Mother's Day production mericlones because of its profusion of bright yellow blooms with a bright red lip.  While it has weak shape, with a Tracey Reddaway and a Margaret Thatcher as parents, there is plenty of better shape in its background.  Despite its grex name, we will not over praise ‘Tamara’ except to stress that it is a rare May flowering yellow Standard.  We take the honest view that you can only work with what exists already and that anything can happen if only you try!
E 29 Firetail Journey 'Debbie'Firetail Journey ‘Debbie’ x Firetail Adorn ‘Lola’Firetail Adorn 'Lola' SB
May/June.  Green.  Two Small Standard greens with blooms of good shape and substance on strong upright stems.  Flowering in May, ‘Debbie’ has appeared regularly on our flask lists and would be improved if the shade of green of the bloom was darker and it had a better colour for the markings on its labellum.  These are the strengths of ‘Lola’, which flowers early in July.
E 30 Munno Para 'Chloe'Munno Para ‘Chloe’ x Firetail Fanfare ‘Jolene’Firetail Fanfare 'Jolene'
May/July.  Yellow.  This cross has a commercial aim and is all about intense golden yellow tepals and intense crimson red-barred labellum.  ‘Chloe’ is described in E 28 and is a largish Intermediate while ‘Jolene’ is a smallish Standard.  They will be eye-catching and will have a strong "Buy me!" appeal.
E 31 Munno Para 'Chloe'Munno Para ‘Chloe’ x Regent Pepper ‘Jackson’Regent Pepper 'Jackson'
May/July.  Orange.  Plants with orange blooms early in the season seem to be in short supply and the classic way to produce first generation orange and sunset shades is to combine an intense yellow, like ‘Chloe’, with a brown that has blooms that overlay dark over light, like ‘Jackson’.  The latter has blooms of high quality arranged well on strong, upright, no-nonsense stems.
E 32 Katy's Gaze 'Siany'Katy's Gaze ‘Siany’ x Foxfire Stones ‘Mick Jagger’Foxfire Stones 'Mick Jagger'
June.  Green (25% Alba).  Described in E 10, ‘Siany’ has eye-catching stark white labellums.  Described in E 07, ‘Mick Jagger’ is an alba factor carrier with blooms with wide tepals and heavy substance, and is one parent of Peter Rochfort ‘Game Changer’Peter Rochfort 'Game Changer'.  Some of these may be large Intermediates and some albas may be lemon yellow.
E 33 Ruby Valley 'Helga'Ruby Valley ‘Helga’ x Flaming Pepper ‘Dural’Flaming Pepper 'Dural'
June.  Dark Red.  This is a commercial cross looking for masses of dark red blooms.  With a pendulous Ruby Eyes parent, all plants of the Ruby Valley grex tend to have stems that require grooming to be upright and ‘Helga’ is no exception.  ‘Dural’ has good, strong, upright stems.
E 34 Firetail Guru 'Jay'Firetail Guru ‘Jay’ x Firetail Fedora ‘Stylish’Firetail Fedora 'Stylish'
June.  Pink.  One of our flowering machines, ‘Jay’ throws up lots of stems despite receiving little attention (our priority is plants that will be sold!).  It has the FCC producing Lancashire Khan ‘Evie’ as one parent.  Watching buds develop and imagining a good outcome is an activity that often disappoints, but with ‘Stylish’ our dreams were realised because it has blooms of very high quality.  Having flowered only once (we broke the plant apart to be safe) it is something of an unknown quantity as far as production is concerned, although it has good parentage in this regard.
E 35 Misty Angel 'Lovable'Misty Angel ‘Lovable’ x Firetail Enchant ‘Imogen’Firetail Enchant 'Imogen' SB
July.  White.  ‘Lovable’ is described in E 11.  It features blooms with very wide tepals and an excellent labellum.  In this cross with ‘Imogen’, it will benefit from improvement to its stems and stem habit.  We have high expectations for this cross to produce a good proportion of plants of excellent quality.
E 36 Zen Emerald 'Angus'Zen Emerald ‘Angus’ x Kimberley Valley ‘Tiffani’Kimberley Valley 'Tiffani'
July.  Green.  Described in E 19, ‘Angus’ is a high quality green Intermediate.  ‘Tiffani’ is from one of our remakes of the Kimberley Valley grex and has shapely blooms well arranged on strong, upright stems.  These will be shapely and productive and will feature red-barred labellums with stark white throats.  Very nice!
E 37 Musket 'The Emperor'Musket ‘The Emperor’ x Blazing Carrot ‘Blazer’Blazing Carrot 'Blazer' SB
July.  Red/Brown.  All of our Blazing Carrot varieties were selected for their quick growth and ease of flowering and ‘Blazer’ is one of the best of the bestBlazing Carrot 'Blazer'.  ‘The Emperor’ has a high quality lustrous bloom, naturally "flat", featuring very wide tepals with rounded ends.  One showbench drawback (two places where the underside of the labellum faces the front) should be alleviated by the very fine labellum of ‘Blazer’.
E 38 Cadel Evans 'Alpe d'Huez'Cadel Evans ‘Alpe d'Huez’ x Firetail Fedora ‘Stylish’Firetail Fedora 'Stylish' SB
July.  Pink.  Two very good Small Standards in a cross that almost guarantees excellent showbench quality blooms featuring wide tepals and well displayed labellums.
E 39 Anna Meares 'First Again!'Anna Meares ‘First Again!’ x Perfect Gleam ‘Bella’Perfect Gleam 'Bella' SB
July.  Light Pink.  We have been hybridising with ‘Bella’ for many years now and the results have been very good.  It contributes vigour, an eye-catching labellum and very strong, straight, upright stems.  A small quibble is that blooms stay a bit cupped and this is where our new ‘First Again!’ comes in, for it has a naturally "flat" bloom.  Each of these plants has a parent with a pot plant background, so this cross has the potential to fulfil a dream of ours and produce plants that grow like a pot plant but flower like a Grand Champion!
E 40 Perfect Bliss 'The Power'Perfect Bliss ‘The Power’ x Firetail Inspire ‘Sandy’Firetail Inspire 'Sandy' (Limited) SB
E 41 Perfect Bliss 'The Glory'Perfect Bliss ‘The Glory’ x Firetail Inspire ‘Sandy’Firetail Inspire 'Sandy' SB
Both July.  Yellow.  A former NSW Small Standard nominee in the Sage Seedling of the Year competition, ‘The Glory’ has received the accolades but we think that the un-shown ‘The Power’ may be a little better.  The Firetail Inspire grex is from Standard breeding (Allumination ‘Trus’ x Valley Mini Cauldron ‘Golden Delight’), so we were very happy to get ‘Sandy’ with its Intermediate blooms of intense colour and foliage of moderate size.  These will produce mainly clean blooms with wide tepals with round ends and superbly presented labellums.
E 42 Firetail Apprentice 'Brooke'Firetail Apprentice ‘Brooke’ x Gwen Thomas ‘Golden Fire’Gwen Thomas 'Golden Fire'
July.  Yellow.  Intermediate ‘Brooke’ produces masses of pale yellow blooms on tall, strong, upright stems.  We prefer a more intense dark golden yellow that is more eye-catching and here have called on Standard ‘Golden Fire’ to provide this.  Colourful, productive, quick growing plants featuring excellent labellums are assured.
E 43 Black Pepper 'Nadeen'Black Pepper ‘Nadeen’ x Blazing Carrot ‘Blazer’Blazing Carrot 'Blazer'
July.  Brown.  Please see E 37 above for a description of ‘Blazer’.  The photo of ‘Nadeen’ speaks for itself, but we must mention its colour – very dark, lustrous chocolate brown – highlighted by a very well presented labellum.  We believe these will grow rapidly and flower profusely with lustrous blooms, generally of high quality on tall stems above moderate foliage.
E 44 Perfect Gleam 'Bella'Perfect Gleam ‘Bella’ x Joan's Era ‘Liz’Joan's Era 'Liz'
July.  White.  Described in E 39 above, ‘Bella’ is a chance near-white from yellow breeding.  A full-shaped clean white Standard, ‘Liz’ is from breeding by Bryants and Kevin Black and has a green Valley Zenith grandparent.  The green and yellow present in the background provides welcome genetic variation, but also allows the possibility for a percentage of non-white outcomes.
E 45 Lunar Advent 'A-Stound'Lunar Advent ‘A-Stound’ x Firetail Inspire ‘Sandy’Firetail Inspire 'Sandy' SB
July/August.  Yellow.  Described in E 41/2 above, ‘Sandy’ is an Intermediate of high quality.  This is the first appearance of ‘A-Stound’ from Bryants Orchids, a plant that has very strong, upright stems with a good bloom count.  It is our guess that showbench judges would rate it highly, but would probably mark the bloom down for the turned back "water catchers" on the ends of the petals.  ‘Sandy’ does not have these, and we therefore expect blooms of very high quality.
E 46 Masao Toya 'Delores'Masao Toya ‘Delores’ x Firetail Showtime ‘Cabaret’Firetail Showtime 'Cabaret'
August.  White.  A fine late white Standard with a pink blush edged labellum, ‘Delores’ flowers freely with tall, strong, upright stems.  From our perspective, the bulbs and foliage are a little on the large side, but ‘Cabaret’ will moderate them.
E 47 Firetail Showtime 'Cats'Firetail Showtime ‘Cats’ x Foxfire Valley ‘Delilah’Foxfire Valley 'Delilah'
August.  Green.  With a shortage of options for green breeding we are always on the lookout for those chance greens from breeding for other colours and ‘Cats’ is an example of this.  No Valley Zenith in the background here!  Not a bloom with perfect shape, but possessing many of the basic elements - most notably an upright dorsal sepal - fundamental to producing a round shape.  ‘Delilah’ is described above in E 10 and for this cross brings its clear, clean shade of mid-green.  There should be a high proportion of labellums edged in pink blush.
E 48 Blazing Carrot 'Hellraiser'Blazing Carrot ‘Hellraiser’ x Red Nelly ‘Purple Satin’Red Nelly 'Purple Satin'
August.  Red.  The prolific ‘Hellraiser’ is described in E 17.  ‘Purple Satin’ is a prolific plant from pot plant breeding, but having some good showbench characteristics.  This mainly commercial cross will produce plants with masses of dark blooms on tall stems above moderate foliage late in the season, but may surprise with a showbench percentage.
E 49 Reggae Rose 'Lisa'Reggae Rose ‘Lisa’ x Lunar Blaze ‘Kristina’
August.  Pink.  Very similar to ‘Jess’ described in E 26, ‘Lisa’ has masses of blooms on excellent stems.  Produced by Gordon Giles, ‘Kristina’ has few faults, but has powerful stems that require some grooming to be straight and upright and are perhaps a bit too tall, aspects that will be well complemented by the superior stems of ‘Lisa’.
E 50 Wyong Flame 'Verdelho'Wyong Flame ‘Verdelho’ x Reggae Rose ‘Sabrina’Reggae Rose 'Sabrina' SB
August.  Pink.  Another product of Gordon Giles' excellent hybridising work, ‘Verdelho’ has blooms with a great labellum and very wide tepals of very heavy substance.  With the shapely Intermediate ‘Sabrina’, we are looking to moderate the size of the bulbs and foliage and transfer bloom quality to the Small Standard size range.  Grand Champions in the making here!
E 51 Red Nelly 'Purple Satin'Red Nelly ‘Purple Satin’ x Show White ‘Ikeda’Show White 'Ikeda'
August.  Pink.  This commercial cross was inspired by our success crossing ‘Ikeda’ with a Valley Regent (Firetail Showpiece)Firetail Showpiece 'Kristy'and with a Red Valley (Firetail Parade)Firetail Parade 'Zach'.  Of course Red Nelly combines those two grexes, so we are confident that this outcome will be similar, yielding fast growing productive plants with moderate foliage in a range of colours.
E 52 Gold Carrot 'Jake'Gold Carrot ‘Jake’ x Foxfire Amber ‘Dural’Foxfire Amber 'Dural'
E 53 Foxfire Amber 'Dural'Foxfire Amber ‘Dural’ x Gold Carrot ‘Denise’Gold Carrot 'Denise'
E 54 Foxfire Amber 'Dural'Foxfire Amber ‘Dural’ x Gold Carrot ‘Chip’
E 55 Drouin Masterpiece 'Tango'Drouin Masterpiece ‘Tango’ x Foxfire Amber ‘Dural’Foxfire Amber 'Dural' SB
All Four August.  Orange.  ‘Dural’ is a top quality orange Standard produced by Gordon Giles.  These four crosses are designed to move that quality to a smaller bloom size.  The three Gold Carrot varieties have largish Intermediate blooms and are all fast growing and prolific in a range of orange/sunset tones.  They also have strong, straight, upright stems that will help correct a minor weakness in ‘Dural’.  ‘Tango’ has smaller Intermediate blooms and may produce results spanning the line between Intermediate and Small Standard.
E 56 Valley Zenith 'Quattro'Valley Zenith ‘Quattro’ x Gold Carrot ‘Dale’
August.  Green and Orange.  We have commercial desire to produce as much unusual colour as we can and this cross is another example.  In the flowering season in which we made this cross we flowered a chance green that suggested that using a Gold Carrot with a full green would produce a high proportion of plants with green blooms.  We expect fast growing prolific plants with some unusual shades.
Standard Seedling Flasks
(Bloom size greater than 100mm)
For details of new registrations, please go to our Registrations page.
  Because we run a wholesale pot plant nursery, all of our seedling crosses are designed to produce great pot plants.  Great showbench Standard plants must meet higher standards.
We will indicate below (with SB), which crosses also have a high showbench expectation.
E 57 May Glory 'Hilda'May Glory ‘Hilda’ x Emerald Glory ‘Valerie’Emerald Glory 'Valerie'
May/June.  Green.  A May flowering Standard, ‘Hilda’ flowers profusely from a compact plant.  An established Standard cut flower producer, ‘Valerie’ flowers a little later in a clean shade of green with an attractive red labellum.
E 58 Firetail Noble 'Marquess'Firetail Noble ‘Marquess’ x Firetail Attract ‘Marianna’Firetail Attract 'Marianna'
May/July.  White.  We were not expecting blooms as white as ‘Marquess’, given that one of its parents is the April flowering polychrome Mesa Zia ‘Preview’Mesa Zia 'Preview'.  Its blooms are also larger and have wider tepals than we expected.  The Small Standard ‘Marianna’ has full shaped blooms featuring a beautiful labellum edged in pink blush.  We expect these to straddle the boundary between Standard and Small Standard featuring clean white blooms with attractive labellums.
E 59 May Glory 'Show Green'May Glory ‘Show Green’ x Valley Oracle ‘Kermit’Valley Oracle 'Kermit' (Limited)
May/July.  Green.  Registered as Firetail Verdant, this is a remake of a successful crossFiretail Verdant 'Morgan', but using a different May Glory.  ‘Show Green’ has very good bloom counts on thick, strong, upright stems.  We have used ‘Kermit’ extensively and it has the ability to produce blooms more shapely than itself.  We expect many of these to feature either pink or apricot blush behind darker dots and dashes on the edge of the labellum.
E 60 Kakadu 'Peach'Kakadu ‘Peach’ x Foxfire Crush ‘Jaiden’Foxfire Crush 'Jaiden'
May/July.  Orange.  Rated very highly as a pot plant by Valley Orchids, ‘Peach’ flowers readily and attractively.  The colour of the blooms is close enough to orange that with the very orange ‘Jaiden’ we can expect floriferous plants with attractive dark orange blooms of improving shape.
E 61 Firetail Pilot 'Mark'Firetail Pilot ‘Mark’ x Foxfire Fare ‘Cassandra’Foxfire Fare 'Cassandra'
No longer available.
E 62 Kakadu 'Peach'Kakadu ‘Peach’ x Cronulla ‘The Khan’
May/July.  Polychrome.  Registered as Firetail Spectrum, this remake uses the famous ‘The Khan’ instead of ‘Danielle’ used originally.  ‘Peach’ is described in E 60 above.  Using our original cross as a guide, we expect a wide spectrum of colours from colourful polychromes through to the occasional white.  All should grow easily and flower profusely.
E 63 Firetail Noble 'Marquess'Firetail Noble ‘Marquess’ x Joan's Era ‘Liz’Joan's Era 'Liz'
E 64 Maclure's Quest 'Carolyn'Maclure's Quest ‘Carolyn’ x Joan's Era ‘Liz’Joan's Era 'Liz' SB
Both May/July.  White.  A full-shaped clean white Standard, ‘Liz’ is from breeding by Bryants and Kevin Black.  ‘Carolyn’ is mainly white with a dusting of pink and has done well on the showbench.  ‘Marquess’ is a clean white as described in E 58 and has the genetic background to produce a very early result.  Those seeking a showbench result should select E 64 and those seeking early prolific pot plants should select E 63.
E 65 Royal Winter 'Ikeda'Royal Winter ‘Ikeda’ x Valley Splash ‘Awesome’Valley Splash 'Awesome' SB
May/August.  White and Splash White.  We produced this seed pod from an abnormally late spike on ‘Ikeda’, that has blooms of excellent shape but needs an improved flower count.  A very frequent Grand Champion, ‘Awesome’ also has blooms of excellent shape, and a much better flower count.  Our experience with these parents makes us confident of blooms that will be naturally round, slightly concave with wide tepals of heavy substance.
E 66 Lunar Advent 'A-Stound'Lunar Advent ‘A-Stound’ x Firetail Speedway ‘Danica’Firetail Speedway 'Danica' SB
E 67 Firetail Speedway 'Danica'Firetail Speedway ‘Danica’ x Gwen Thomas ‘Golden Fire’Gwen Thomas 'Golden Fire' SB
Both May/August.  Yellow.  A prolific orange yellow Standard with good shape characteristics, ‘Danica’ is one of our Mother's Day production mericlones.  Crossed here with two plants with superb blooms we are expecting high quality blooms on vigorous plants mainly in June and July.  Good labellums will be a feature.
E 68 Valley Oracle 'Kermit'Valley Oracle ‘Kermit’ x Emerald Glory ‘Valerie’Emerald Glory 'Valerie'
June.  Green.  Both of these parents are described above (E 57 and E 59).  This cross will not be as early as those and will produce prolific clean greens mainly with red barred labellums and good upright stems.
E 69 Firetail Intuition 'Honey'Firetail Intuition ‘Honey’ x Foxfire Khan ‘Sophie’Foxfire Khan 'Sophie' SB
June.  Light Brown and Polychrome.  Because both of these parents have blooms that are naturally round, slightly concave with wide tepals of heavy substance on good upright stems, there is little doubt that this cross will produce a very high proportion with similar characteristics, and the best will be very good indeed!
E 70 Valley Oracle 'Kermit'Valley Oracle ‘Kermit’ x Firetail Freedom ‘Tobias’Firetail Freedom 'Tobias'
June/July.  Green.  The Firetail Freedom grex has a Valley Zenith on one side.  On the other side is a combination of several Valley Orchids' dark red pot plants, which is obviously not an expected pathway to clean greens, nor particularly good shape, but introduces considerable genetic variation.  So, despite this background, ‘Tobias’ is reasonably clean and has inherited most of the shape characteristics of Valley Zenith ‘Green Orb’.  ‘Kermit’ is described above.
E 71 Khan Fury 'Glisten'Khan Fury ‘Glisten’ x Musket ‘The Emperor’Musket 'The Emperor' (Limited) SB
June/July.  Red and Brown.  Two plants with large blooms that glisten and are naturally round, slightly concave with wide tepals of heavy substance on good upright stems.  Each has some minor labellum imperfections, but these are offset by each other.  The best of these will be truly excellent.
E 72 Memoria Richard Arnold 'Yellow Submarine'Memoria Richard Arnold ‘Yellow Submarine’ x Firetail Dynamo ‘Lucy’Firetail Dynamo 'Lucy' (Limited)
June/July.  Orange and Alba Yellow.  We were excited when we first saw alba factor carrier ‘Lucy’, because its brown blooms are so much more shapely and have so much more substance than its alba parent, Pharaoh's Gold ‘Johns' Delight’.  Clearly its other parent, Yowie Flame ‘Krakatoa’ is responsible for the improved shape and substance.  With the shapely yellow alba ‘Yellow Submarine’ we are expecting 75% will be either orange or brown and 25% will be alba yellow, most with blooms of superior shape.
E 73 Cadel Evans 'Grenoble'Cadel Evans ‘Grenoble’ x Red Fury ‘Checkpoint Charlie’Red Fury 'Checkpoint Charlie'
E 74 Cadel Evans 'Grenoble'Cadel Evans ‘Grenoble’ x King Karri ‘Nikki Heat’King Karri 'Nikki Heat'
E 75 Cadel Evans 'Grenoble'Cadel Evans ‘Grenoble’ x Lauren Jackson ‘Capital’Lauren Jackson 'Capital'
All Three June/August.  Red and Pink.  These three crosses are part of our program to translate mid-season characteristics to earlier in the season.  ‘Grenoble’ has parent Khan Flame ‘April’ giving it an early flowering time and is fairly shapely.  However, it fails our "Bright is my favourite colour" test.  There will be lighter pinks with ‘Capital’, mid-pinks perhaps with darker striations with ‘Checkpoint Charlie’, and dark pinks and reds and wide labellums with ‘Nikki Heat’.
E 76 Foxfire Stones 'Mick Jagger'Foxfire Stones ‘Mick Jagger’ x Foxfire Storm ‘Halle’Foxfire Storm 'Halle'
June/August.  Green (25% Alba).  We did not know that it was a carrier of the alba factor, so it was a surprise when ‘Mick Jagger’ produced the terrific Peter Rochfort ‘Game Changer’Peter Rochfort 'Game Changer'.  With that knowledge we made several crosses that appear in this list and this is probably the best of them.  Here there is a strong likelihood that its very wide tepals of heavy substance will help produce some superior blooms.  Green albas of good quality are hard to come by so we are fortunate to have ‘Halle’ with its many fine attributes.
E 77 Valley Zenith 'Quattro'Valley Zenith ‘Quattro’ x Firetail Intuition ‘Marcus’Firetail Intuition 'Marcus'
June/August.  Green and Brown.  We struggle to name the colour of ‘Marcus’ and have settled on coffee/ochre.  It has as one parent the clear green Valley Oracle ‘Kermit’.  With productivity and wide sepals with rounded ends on both sides, lots of high quality blooms are assured in a range of unusual colours.
E 78 Olympic Swimmer 'Lucas'Olympic Swimmer ‘Lucas’ x Kimberley Splash ‘Bombshell’Kimberley Splash 'Bombshell'
June/August.  Green.  Not the usual green genetic background here.  The grandparents of ‘Lucas’ are a parade of Valley Orchids stars – Valley Legend, Margaret Thatcher, Valley Oracle and Rembrandt.  ‘Bombshell’ is from Valley Splash and Khan Flame.  They will not be clear and clean, but expect very good strong stems, good height to bottom bloom, good shape and high bloom count, in shades of green with symmetrical overlays and markings.
E 79 Doctor David Dunaway 'Mojo Filter'Doctor David Dunaway ‘Mojo Filter’ x Firetail Intuition ‘Marcus’Firetail Intuition 'Marcus'
June/August.  Brown.  The coffee/ochre ‘Marcus’ (see E 77) with the rich dark brown ‘Mojo Filter’ can be expected to give us a range of shades of brown and our intuition tells us to expect a small percentage of rich green.  They will grow quickly and flower profusely with shapely blooms.
E 80 Cadel Evans 'Alpe d'Huez'Cadel Evans ‘Alpe d'Huez’ x King Karri ‘Nikki Heat’King Karri 'Nikki Heat' (Limited) SB
E 81 Musket 'The Emperor'Musket ‘The Emperor’ x King Karri ‘Nikki Heat’King Karri 'Nikki Heat' SB
July.  Red.  Surprisingly shapely given its Valley Orchids pot plant background, ‘Nikki Heat’ is a flowering powerhouse.  All three of these parents have blooms with rich lustrous colour and wide symmetrical labellums.  From ‘Alpe d'Huez’ look for smaller red blooms and from ‘The Emperor’ look for larger red/brown blooms.
E 82 Lancashire Khan 'Debonair'Lancashire Khan ‘Debonair’ x Kirby Lesh ‘Pink Ice’Kirby Lesh 'Pink Ice' SB
July.  Pink.  Two Grand Champions in a dream matching.  Blooms that are naturally round and slightly concave (without manipulation), wide tepals, good stems holding blooms above foliage - the whole package really.
E 83 Lancashire Khan 'Debonair'Lancashire Khan ‘Debonair’ x Khan Flame ‘Raquel’Khan Flame 'Raquel'
July.  Pink.  Registered as Cadel Evans - using ‘Debonair’ instead of ‘Evie’ (we believe for the first time), giving a pink result rather than red.  We have high hopes here for excellent productivity and all round quality given the excellent results from ‘Raquel’ in the past.
E 84 Musket 'The Emperor'Musket ‘The Emperor’ x Regent Pepper ‘Jackson’Regent Pepper 'Jackson' SB
July.  Brown.  Fourth and final appearance for ‘The Emperor’ that will not appear in the next list because we have taken a safety first approach and broken it up.  It is a dream of ours to make browns so good and plentiful that a separate colour class is created for them, rather than lump them into "Any Other Colour".  This is the sort of cross that will force the change – two parents with all round quality.
E 85 Firetail Platform 'Buddy'Firetail Platform ‘Buddy’ x Kimberley Valley ‘Tiffani’Kimberley Valley 'Tiffani'
July/August.  Green.  Large "flat" blooms of mid-green to be expected here from two parents that have many fine attributes, including productivity and excellent stems and stem habit.
E 86 Wyong Flame 'Verdelho'Wyong Flame ‘Verdelho’ x Kirby Lesh ‘Pink Ice’Kirby Lesh 'Pink Ice' SB
July/August.  Pink.  One of the best from Gordon Giles matched with the multiple Grand Champion when in the hands of Peter Sunderland.  The judges will love these!
E 87 Wyong Flame 'Verdelho'Wyong Flame ‘Verdelho’ x Musket ‘The Emperor’Musket 'The Emperor' SB
July/August.  Dark Pink and Red.  Our only small quibble with ‘Verdelho’ is the need to manipulate its blooms to be round and slightly concave and ‘The Emperor’ is ideally suited to remove this small defect.  The moderate size of its foliage will assist as well.
E 88 Kirby Lesh 'Pink Ice'Kirby Lesh ‘Pink Ice’ x Kimberley Splash ‘Belinda’Kimberley Splash 'Belinda' (Limited) SB
July/August. Light Pink.  This part of the list will have to be called "Show-bench Corner" because here is another special cross.  ‘Belinda’ has very wide tepals of very heavy substance that we have already seen flow through to its progeny.  About all that is missing is some "flatness", and that is a feature of ‘Pink Ice’.  Expect a range of attractive colours – light and ice pink, clean and blush white.
E 89 Amber Wall 'Sovereign'Amber Wall ‘Sovereign’ x Allumination ‘Trus’Allumination 'Trus' SB
July/August. Yellow.  More known for its success in green breeding (many superb varieties of Kimberley Valley, for example), ‘Trus’ has also been used successfully in yellow breeding.  It seems to make way for the colour of the other parent.  ‘Sovereign’ has a bloom of high quality, but has a huge growth habit that will be tempered by ‘Trus’.  Yellows do not come any better than these!
E 90 Foxfire Khan 'Sophie'Foxfire Khan ‘Sophie’ x Flaming Pepper ‘Havana’Flaming Pepper 'Havana'
July/August.  Light Brown.  Two plants with very open, naturally "flat" blooms assuring more of the same.  Matching a polychrome with peach tones and a dark brown we expect will mainly give light brown blooms.  We expect productive fast growing plants with high bloom counts on tall, upright stems and good bloom arrangement, some perhaps as early as June.
E 91 Dalmeny Splash 'Mystique'Dalmeny Splash ‘Mystique’ x Joan's Era ‘Liz’Joan's Era 'Liz' SB
E 92 Masao Toya 'Delores'Masao Toya ‘Delores’ x Joan's Era ‘Liz’Joan's Era 'Liz'
July/August.  White.  A full-shaped clean white Standard, ‘Liz’ is from breeding by Bryants and Kevin Black and has a green Valley Zenith grandparent.  With the Standard ‘Mystique’, you can expect the round, slightly concave shape preferred by showbench judges, but some will have a pink blush on the tepals.  ‘Delores’, a fine late white Standard with a pink blush edged labellum, flowers freely with tall, strong, upright stems, here giving perhaps a more commercial result, particularly for cut stems.
E 93 Lunar Flame 'Wildcakes'Lunar Flame ‘Wildcakes’ x Firetail Fanfare ‘Jolene’Firetail Fanfare 'Jolene'
July/September.  Yellow.  A perfect complement for one another – ‘Wildcakes’ pale and somewhat cupped, ‘Jolene’ "flat" and with unrivalled colour.  There is a solid background for fast growing, productive plants, mainly for commercial purposes.
E 94 Masao Toya 'Delores'Masao Toya ‘Delores’ x Valley Splash ‘Awesome’Valley Splash 'Awesome' SB
August.  White.  A Grand Champion too many times to count accurately, ‘Awesome’ has classic shape credentials.  In most instances, the splash/blush is eliminated in a crossing with a clean white like ‘Delores’, described above in E 92.  We expect many whites of excellent quality for the late shows.
E 95 Valley Zenith 'Quattro'Valley Zenith ‘Quattro’ x Kimberley Splash ‘Bombshell’Kimberley Splash 'Bombshell' SB
E 96 Foxfire Valley 'Delilah'Foxfire Valley ‘Delilah’ x Kimberley Splash ‘Bombshell’Kimberley Splash 'Bombshell'
August.  Green.  ‘Bombshell’ is a chance green from Valley Splash ‘Awesome’ and Khan Flame ‘Raquel’, our remake of the successful 0110 Bryants cross.  With both of these offerings we are looking to fully lock in shades of green, but with ‘Delilah’ we are also looking for labellums with a pink blush edging.  Both will also feature good stems and high counts of blooms with wide tepals with round ends.
E 97 Zenation 'Good Golly'Zenation ‘Good Golly’ x Firetail Freedom ‘Josh’Firetail Freedom 'Josh'
August.  Green.  Given that half of their parentage has red blooms it is hardly surprising that the Firetail Freedom varieties appearing in this list do not have clean and clear colour.  However, that makes them more interesting from a commercial perspective.  Like just about every cross we make, these will grow quickly and flower profusely.  Lots of attractive blooms late in the season.
E 98 Red Adair 'Smiler'Red Adair ‘Smiler’ x Red Nelly ‘Purple Satin’Red Nelly 'Purple Satin' (Limited)
August.  Red.  Here we are looking for a commercial result, particularly for late dark purple red pot plant and cut stem varieties, with lots of good stems with good arrangement and bloom counts in the range 8 to 12.  No big bulbs and foliage here!
E 99 Lunar Blaze ‘Kristina’ x Lauren Jackson ‘Capital’Lauren Jackson 'Capital'
August.  Pink.  ‘Capital’ brings important elements, including very wide sepals, an upright dorsal sepal (the foundation of a round shape) and bulbs and foliage of moderate size.  ‘Kristina’, by Gordon Giles, flowers profusely (almost to excess), on particularly strong and tall stems with very high bloom count.  We think that ‘Capital’ will temper these aspects so that they become a strength rather than a weakness.
E 100 Lunar Advent 'A-Stound'Lunar Advent ‘A-Stound’ x Gwen Thomas ‘Old Gold’Gwen Thomas 'Old Gold' SB
August.  Yellow.  One of Bryants' finest yellow Standards, it is hard to find any fault in the blooms of ‘A-Stound’, however, judges might mark down for "water-catchers" on the petals and sun-staining.  ‘Old Gold’ is starting to make its presence felt on the showbench and has no hint of any "water-catchers".  These will be colourful and eye-catching and the best will be very good indeed.
E 101 Amber Wall 'Sovereign'Amber Wall ‘Sovereign’ x Catamarca ‘105’ SB
August.  Yellow.  Individual seedlings from crosses with ‘Sovereign’ were made available by Gordon Giles in a catalogue as recently as 2011 (589 and 597).  We have been offering flasks of seedlings from this high quality plant for several years and here is a further opportunity, this time with Catamarca ‘105’, one of the parents of ‘Old Gold’ in E 101 above.  Again we are looking to moderate bulb and foliage size, and this time we expect ‘105’ to intensify colour.
E 102 Valley Splash 'Awesome'Valley Splash ‘Awesome’ x Foxfire Crush ‘Bee-Sting’Foxfire Crush 'Bee-Sting' SB
August.  Orange.  Many years ago we successfully tested ‘Awesome’ (surely well-known by now) to see if it would yield yellow and orange plants when crossed with plants with blooms of those colours – resulting for example, in Firetail Holiday ‘Pam’Firetail Holiday 'Pam'.  We then embarked on a program of similar crosses and this year we have used the fabulous ‘Bee-Sting’.  These will be colourful and shapely.
E 103 Valley Vampire 'Blood'Valley Vampire ‘Blood’ x Foxfire Crush ‘Bee-Sting’Foxfire Crush 'Bee-Sting'
August.  Orange.  This cross is all about colour late in the season and is for commercial purposes – both pot plants and cut stems.  The colours will be rich and varied, stems will be strong and upright requiring little grooming, and bulbs and foliage will be modest in size.
E 104 Valley Legend 'Rich Eternity'Valley Legend ‘Rich Eternity’ x Foxfire Amber ‘Dural’Foxfire Amber 'Dural'
August.  Orange.  ‘Rich Eternity’ is the other parent of Firetail Holiday ‘Pam’, discussed in E 102, so do not take too much notice of its fairly narrow tepals because it can produce much wider in its progeny.  ‘Dural’ does not have much that can be improved, but we would like its stems to be stronger and taller, two attributes brought by ‘Rich Eternity’.  More rich colour late in the season.
E 105 Doctor David Dunaway 'Mojo Filter'Doctor David Dunaway ‘Mojo Filter’ x Flaming Pepper ‘Havana’Flaming Pepper 'Havana'
August.  Brown.  Not just brown, but dark brown.  Two plants with many fine attributes, including on the part of ‘Havana’ an attribute not the subject of much comment – very attractive foliage!
E 106 Valley Zenith 'Quattro'Valley Zenith ‘Quattro’ x Flaming Pepper ‘Havana’Flaming Pepper 'Havana'
August.  Honey.  After our success with crossing a red/brown with a green in the Firetail Intuition grex, we have tried to do at least one similar cross every year.  This year we have aimed for much later in the season, with two plants with excellent properties.  We expect the labellums to be a strong feature here.