Firetail Orchids Cymbidium Flask List 2010/11

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Welcome to the first seedling flask list issued by Firetail Orchids.

Growers who have dealt with Battack Orchids will be aware that for the last several years we have collaborated with them by supplying pods and access to flasks for listing in their annual catalogue.  Kevin Black has advised those on their mailing list that there will not be a Battack list in 2011 and that this list should be regarded as the substitute.

Kevin Black’s stud plants are growing at our nursery and continue to be available to us for breeding purposes.  Unless he is wintering in Queensland, Kevin is a constant visitor and continues in his very welcome mentoring role.

Kevin has undertaken and will undertake all of his usual tasks in the management of the list including selection of the particular crosses.

Trevor and Pam Hughes

FLASK LIST A, 2010/2011
Miniature Seedling Flasks
A 01 Jessie Khan ‘Strawberry’Jessie Khan ‘Strawberry’ x Winter Court ‘Pink Crystal’
June.  White to Pink.  This is a remake of Battack’s OB 04 cross, registered as Jessie’s Crystal.  There were a number of very good varieties the first time, which has prompted this remake.  Limited.
A 02 Gypsy Rose ‘Princes’Gypsy Rose ‘Princes’ x Blow Torch ‘Bernardine’
June/July.  Pink.  ‘Princes’ is a productive deep pink having a nice well-displayed red lip, on upright spikes.  ‘Bernardine’ is a full shaped soft to medium pink with a full burgundy and yellow centred lip on tall spikes with good counts.  Stunning.
A 03 Little Jim ‘Alright’ x Bill Hardgrave ‘We Wonder’Bill Hardgrave ‘We Wonder’
July.  White.  ‘Alright’ is a productive mini, the foliage is small and the spikes are upright.  In this cross with the prize winning ‘We Wonder’ we are expecting a quality result.  Limited.
A 04 (Dolly x Red Nelly) ‘Alison’ x Blow Torch ‘Shannon’
July.  Pink.  ‘Alison’ is a very productive pink mini with a mass of blooms held above the foliage.  ‘Shannon’ is a medium pink with a red spotted "flat" lip.  The counts are good, as is the spike.  Super productive plants in this colour range.
Intermediate Seedling Flasks
A 05 Maclure’s Quest ‘Carolyn’Maclure’s Quest ‘Carolyn’ x Joy Raye ‘Future Dream’Joy Raye ‘Future Dream’
May.  White to Blush.  The show winning ‘Carolyn’ has good spikes, it is free flowering, and the high quality large white blooms are slightly dusted with pink when flowered in our high light conditions.  ‘Future Dream’ is a very productive early flowering mini with freestanding spikes carrying good counts of light pink red-lipped blooms.  Sure to produce a fine quality result.
A 06 Valley Legend ‘Gee Whiz’Valley Legend ‘Gee Whiz’ x Munno Para ‘Chloe’Munno Para ‘Chloe’
May.  Yellow.  ‘Chloe’ is a prolific Mother’s Day flowering deep yellow with a red-banded well-displayed lip.  The counts are good, held on strong upright spikes, but the shape is average.  The early ‘Gee Whiz’ has already proven itself as a producer of strong yellows with improved shape when crossed with another yellow.  Good early yellows with strong upright spikes.
A 07 Gypsy Rose ‘Princes’Gypsy Rose ‘Princes’ x Blow Torch ‘Shannon’
May/June.  Pink.  ‘Princes’ has good colour and lots of upright spikes with good bloom counts, the deep pink flowers have a strong red-barred "flat" lip.  ‘Shannon’ has good taller spikes with medium pink blooms and a nice red spotted "flat" lip.  A great cross for early strong spiked pinks, with good labellums.
A 08 Munno Para ‘Chloe’Munno Para ‘Chloe’ x Alexandra Beauty ‘Desert Storm’
May/July.  Orange to Yellow.  ‘Desert Storm’ is an orange coloured flower with good shaped red-lipped blooms held on an upright spike.  ‘Chloe’ is very early and prolific, and its strong yellow red-edged lipped blooms are on a strong spike.  We expect this cross to bring the strong orange colour to an earlier flowering time.
A 09 Munno Para ‘Chloe’Munno Para ‘Chloe’ x Roger Roger ‘105’
May/July.  Yellow.  ‘Chloe’ is very early, has a good spike and is a non-staining yellow with a red-edged lip.  ‘105’ is one of the parents of the successful Gwen ThomasGwen Thomas 'Golden Fire'grex.  It is a full shaped bright yellow with a red-edged lip and taller spikes and is a good complement to ‘Chloe’.  We expect this cross to improve the quality of early yellows.
A 10 Gypsy Rose ‘Princes’Gypsy Rose ‘Princes’ x Valley Olympic ‘Pink Perfection’Valley Olympic ‘Pink Perfection’
June.  Pink.  The Grand Champion ‘Pink Perfection’ as you would agree has stunning shape with a good lip.  ‘Princes’ as previously mentioned has upright spikes with lots of deep pink red-lipped blooms.  Expect some show specials in this cross.
A 11 Gypsy Rose ‘Princes’Gypsy Rose ‘Princes’ x Ruby Valley ‘Madison’Ruby Valley ‘Madison’
June.  Pink to Red.  Introducing ‘Madison’ which Kevin Black flowered from the Battack remake of Ruby Valley.  It is very productive and has tall stems carrying up to 25 compact dark purple/red blooms well presented on the spike above the foliage without bunching.  The flower shape is good and the lip is wide and well-displayed being solidly marked dark purple/red.  We have seen many Ruby Valley varieties, but in our opinion ‘Madison’ is the best, and in this combination with ‘Princes’ we are expecting very productive deep pink to reds - an outstanding cross.
A 12 (Wallacia x Tom Thumb) ‘Rasputin’ x Foxfire Stones ‘Keith Richards’Foxfire Stones ‘Keith Richards’
June/July.  Orange.  The Coratea x Foxfire Harvest cross produced a number of outstanding oranges, greens (Mick Jagger) and even one alba.  ‘Keith Richards’ is the stand out orange, having a good tall stem, good shape and a wide orange-red lip.  ‘Rasputin’ is a productive deep yellow with some red overlay and a red lip.  This colour range is eagerly awaited.
A 13 (Wallacia x Tom Thumb) ‘Rasputin’ x Foxfire Crush ‘Justin’
June/July.  Orange.  Here is another very good cross in this colour range.  The productive deep yellow ‘Rasputin’ with its masses of small intermediate blooms is crossed with ‘Justin’, which has an outstanding orange coloured standard bloom with a big wide red labellum held on a strong spike.  Good in all respects.
A 14 Blow Torch 'Clarinda'Blow Torch ‘Clarinda’ x Red Nelly ‘Purple Satin’Red Nelly ‘Purple Satin’
July.  Pink to Red.  ‘Clarinda’ is a soft pink having good flower counts on tall stems.  ‘Purple Satin’ produces two spikes per mature bulb and is a very dark colour with a lip to match.  Expect strong colour with full shaped flowers on strong upright stems.
A 15 (Dolly x Red Nelly) ‘Alison’ x Red Adair ‘Eiko’
July.  Red.  ‘Alison’ is a production special with many upright spikes.  The blooms are deep pink, heavily overlaid with purple and the counts are good.  ‘Eiko’ has the best shape of any of the Red Adair varieties.  The colour is a superb deep purple/red with a matching lip, and a tall spike habit with high counts.  This will be a colourful production result.
A 16 Last Yowie ‘Cambewarra’Last Yowie ‘Cambewarra’ x Regent Pepper ‘Jackson’Regent Pepper ‘Jackson’
July.  Brown.  ‘Cambewarra’ is very productive being a red to brown coloured bloom with a well-displayed deep red lip, and the counts are good.  ‘Jackson’ is a full-shaped "flat" stunning brown bloom, with a straight stem.  Flowering for the first time, productivity and flower count as yet are not proven, however the parentage on both sides is without question and the flower was too good to overlook.
A 17 Reggae Rose 'Jess'Reggae Rose ‘Jess’ x Memoria Jim Gillis ‘Nipple Pink’Memoria Jim Gillis 'Nipple Pink'
August.  Pink.  ‘Jess’ is a very productive medium pink with a mass of blooms on superb spikes and is one of our base production plants.  The varietal name, ‘Nipple Pink’, needs some explanation.  Jimmy Gillis frequently asked us whether pinks of this shade (whatever shade that is!) were available, but sadly, this one arrived just as he passed away, too late for him to confirm that the shade was correct!  It has a good spike with a good count of very pretty light/mid-pink blooms with startlingly white throats.  Very attractive late pinks here.
A 18 Valley Mini Cauldron ‘Golden Delight’ x Tom Thumb ‘Calliope’
September.  Yellow.  ‘Calliope’ has shown it can produce quality results, especially with shapely yellows like ‘Golden Delight’, which is a clean yellow with a lightly striated red lip.  The spikes are very tall, producing two per mature bulb, with good counts.  Expect a high class result here.
Small Standard Seedling Flasks
A 19 Valley Fire ‘Inferno’Valley Fire ‘Inferno’ x Valley Olympic ‘Rose’
May.  Pink.  ‘Rose’ is the earliest of the Valley Olympics and is a medium pink.  While it does not have quite the classical shape of the other Valley Olympics, it produces a good spike.  ‘Inferno’ in our conditions is very early (April) and is a medium to dark pink.  The blooms are not show shape but the spike habit is good and it is free flowering on a compact plant.  We are looking for an attractive Mother’s Day outcome here.
A 20 Valley Fire ‘Inferno’Valley Fire ‘Inferno’ x Flaming Pepper ‘Dural’Flaming Pepper 'Dural'
May.  Red.  ‘Dural’ is an early high quality flower carried on good straight stems and the blooms are dark red/brown with a well-displayed lip.  ‘Inferno’ is described above.  Some more shape, taller spikes and larger growth habit are more likely in this cross than A 19.
A 21 Valley Fire ‘Inferno’Valley Fire ‘Inferno’ x Khan Fury ‘Glisten’Khan Fury 'Glisten'
May.  Red.  ‘Inferno’ has been used because of the very early time of flowering (see above for its description).  ‘Glisten’, as its name implies, has very bright colour and is an early June flower with a productive good spike.  Similar to A 20, giving intense early colour.
A 22 Munno Para ‘Chloe’Munno Para ‘Chloe’ x Glowing Candle ‘Emphatic’Glowing Candle ‘Emphatic’
May/June.  Yellow.  The very early productive deep yellow flowering ‘Chloe’ is crossed with our super productive high quality ‘Emphatic’.  This cross is to bring the good shape and taller stems into the earlier time frame.  Top of the range here for early yellows.
A 23 Valley Fire ‘Inferno’Valley Fire ‘Inferno’ x Valley Olympic ‘Pink Perfection’Valley Olympic ‘Pink Perfection’
May/June.  Pink.  Here is a cross we had to make.  The very early flowering ‘Inferno’ (as previously described) is mated with the show winning ‘Pink Perfection’.  This will bring some quality into the earlier flowering time.  Exciting.
A 24 Valley Legend ‘Gee Whiz’Valley Legend ‘Gee Whiz’ x Perfect Bliss ‘The Power’Perfect Bliss 'The Power'
June.  Yellow.  ‘Gee Whiz’ flowers more yellow than green under our high light levels, and is a proven parent with yellows.  ‘The Power’ has perfect shape, sun-stain free high quality red-lipped yellow flowers and strong stems.  This is a high calibre early cross we are looking forward to seeing.
A 25 Firetail Powerhouse ‘Sun Spots’Firetail Powerhouse ‘Sun Spots’ x Red Khan ‘Negrita’Red Khan 'Negrita'
June.  Red.  ‘Negrita’ is proving itself to be an outstanding new parent in the red colour range, passing on also its quality spike habit.  ‘Sun Spots’ is early June flowering with strong spikes and nice spotted colour.  Very productive upright spiked colourful plants here.
A 26 Munno Para ‘Chloe’Munno Para ‘Chloe’ x Foxfire Stones ‘Keith Richards’Foxfire Stones ‘Keith Richards’
June.  Orange.  ‘Chloe’ has been described in earlier crosses, its key feature being it is very early.  ‘Keith Richards’ is an outstanding orange bloom with a wide orange/red banded labellum held on a good upright stem.  Again aiming to bring this sought after colour forward, perhaps to May.
A 27 Maclure’s Quest ‘Carolyn’Maclure’s Quest ‘Carolyn’ x Show White ‘Ikeda’Show White ‘Ikeda’
June/July.  White.  The high quality show winning ‘Carolyn’ after many years of trying has at last produced viable seed pods - a change in conditions or just a good year?  It flowered in May for us.  ‘Ikeda’ is one of the parents of the Firetail ShowtimeFiretail Showtime 'Cabaret'grex and is a small flower that produces great white whites with well-displayed lips.  This is a well complemented cross.
A 28 Firetail Spectrum ‘Innocence’ x Firetail Showtime ‘Chicago’Firetail Showtime ‘Chicago’
June/July.  White.  The August flowering ‘Chicago’ is a very clean "flat" white with a rich burgundy-barred lip and is productive with a good spike.  ‘Innocence’ flowers in May and has strong pink-barred lips on white blooms held on a strong upright spike.  Great clean whites on good spikes are predicted, with an early percentage.
A 29 Firetail Journey ‘Debbie’Firetail Journey ‘Debbie’ x Zenation ‘Midori’Zenation ‘Midori’
June/July.  Green.  The August flowering ‘Midori’ is a quality clean green which multiple spikes.  ‘Debbie’, which flowers in May, is a free flowering light green with a lip with red striations and good upright spikes with good bloom counts.  It has inherited quite good shape from ‘Gee Whiz’, but needs colour improvement, which ‘Midori’ will provide.  We always seem to be looking for this colour so the aim here is a spread in flowering from early to mid-season (our fingers are crossed for a few in May!)
A 30 Valley Treasure ‘Eureka’ x Kuranulla ‘Maestro’Kuranulla ‘Maestro’
July.  White.  ‘Maestro’ has a tall spike, high bloom count and very good shape with a lightly marked well balanced labellum.  The compact ‘Eureka’ for us has a good upright spike of white non-staining blooms.  The labellum is flushed pink with the odd darker dot.  A quality result is expected.
A 31 Blazing Carrot ‘Blazer’Blazing Carrot ‘Blazer’ x Glowing Candle ‘Emphatic’Glowing Candle ‘Emphatic’
July.  Orange.  The Blazing Carrot grex from Battack has been outstanding for us, all producing multiple spikes with dark red/brown blooms held on straight spikes.  We have retained a number of varieties.  This cross with the high quality ‘Emphatic’ is seeking multiple spiking plants with blooms featuring orange, tropical sunset and autumn tones.
A 32 Perfect Bliss 'The Power'Perfect Bliss ‘The Power’ x Blazing Carrot ‘Blazer’Blazing Carrot ‘Blazer’
July.  Orange.  ‘The Power’ has perfect shape, strong upright stems, and is highly rated.  ‘Blazer’ along with its siblings produces numerous tall spikes with dark red/brown blooms.  Again we are expecting very good shaped blooms in orange/tropical sunset/autumn tones.
A 33 Drouin Masterpiece ‘Renae’Drouin Masterpiece ‘Renae’ x Foxfire Crush ‘Justin’
July.  Orange.  ‘Justin’ is an outstanding orange coloured flower with a big wide red labellum held on strong upright spikes and a good count.  Thanks to Ken Purcell (Princes Way Orchids) we have three very good varieties of Drouin Masterpiece and we have noticed their success on the showbench.  If ‘Renae’ has any fault it is in stem height, which ‘Justin’ will assist.  We expect these to be good.
A 34 Blazing Carrot ‘Blazer’Blazing Carrot ‘Blazer’ x Valley Oracle ‘Kermit’Valley Oracle ‘Kermit’
July.  Honey.  We are endeavouring to produce a rarely seen colour here.  ‘Kermit’ has already produced a number of quality varieties in this colour for us when crossed with a red/brown Spicy KhanFiretail Intuition 'Honey'and we are using one of those in this list (see A 47).  With the multiple spiking red/brown ‘Blazer’, we are sure a similar result can be achieved here.
A 35 Valley Mini Cauldron ‘Golden Delight’ x Roger Roger ‘105’
August.  Yellow.  ‘105’ has full show shape.  It is a bright yellow and has a well balanced red edged labellum.  ‘Golden Delight’ is a good shaped clean yellow with a lightly striated red lip.  The spikes are tall, producing two per mature bulb, with good counts.  These will be stunning.
Standard Seedling Flasks
A 36 Maclure’s Quest ‘Carolyn’Maclure’s Quest ‘Carolyn’ x Firetail Spectrum ‘Innocence’
May.  White.  ‘Innocence’ has a strong upright spike the flowers are white with a strong pink-barred lip.  Crossed with the cracking white ‘Carolyn’ (further descriptions above), will give a good early result.
A 37 Valley Legend ‘Gee Whiz’Valley Legend ‘Gee Whiz’ x Glowing Candle ‘Emphatic’Glowing Candle ‘Emphatic’
May/June.  Yellow.  Here our great production yellow ‘Emphatic’ is mated to ‘Gee Whiz’, which has shown it will produce yellows when crossed with another yellow.  Both have good shape basics but ‘Emphatic’ brings multiple straight upright spike properties and great counts of flat flowers while ‘Gee Whiz brings an earlier flowering time and a great lip.
A 38 Trace’s Bullion ‘Dazzler’ x Margaret Thatcher ‘Perfection’
May/June.  Yellow.  ‘Perfection’ has been a perennial early parent of ours, giving us good productive plants with upright spikes when crossed with yellows.  ‘Dazzler’ is early and a strong yellow with a red edge lip and strong upright spikes with good counts.  Quality early yellows.
A 39 Maclure’s Quest ‘Carolyn’Maclure’s Quest ‘Carolyn’ x Kuranulla ‘Maestro’Kuranulla ‘Maestro’
May/June.  White.  ‘Maestro’ has very good shaped white flowers with a lightly marked labellum on a tall stem and high counts.  ‘Carolyn’ has powerful stems with perfectly positioned quality blooms.  Really this cross will produce the very best early whites.
A 40 Foxfire Principal ‘Bridget’ x Glowing Candle ‘Emphatic’Glowing Candle ‘Emphatic’
May/July.  Yellow.  ‘Bridget’ is an early, productive, non-staining light yellow and it has a strong upright straight spike.  In this cross with the multiple upright spiking strong clear yellow ‘Emphatic’ we are expecting a nice run of early productive yellows.
A 41 Trace’s Bullion ‘Dazzler’ x Roger Roger ‘105’
June/July.  Yellow.  We have eagerly awaited the opportunity to make crosses with ‘Dazzler’, which is an outstanding productive yellow with a red lip perfectly displayed on upright spikes.  Kevin thanks Seong Tay and Gordon Giles for this plant.  ‘105’ is a full shape show yellow with a bright red edged lip.  Some very nice shapely productive yellows expected.
A 42 Trace’s Bullion ‘Dazzler’ x Glowing Candle ‘Emphatic’Glowing Candle ‘Emphatic’
June/July.  Yellow.  Possibly the best yellow cross in this list - check out the Bryant’s parentage of both parents.  We are very fortunate to list this cross as it is the next step forward in this colour range.  We expect multiple straight upright spikes of quality strong non-staining yellow blooms with red-barred labellums.
A 43 Foxfire Stones ‘Keith Richards’Foxfire Stones ‘Keith Richards’ x Foxfire Crush ‘Justin’
June/July.  Orange.  ‘Justin’ is an outstanding orange coloured flower with a big red lip held on a strong spike.  ‘Keith Richards’ is another quality orange of excellent substance having a good spike with good counts and a wide orange/red labellum.  Stunning colour in this cross expected, with very good wide lips from Coratea ‘Rewa’ on both sides.
A 44 Foxfire Principal ‘Bridget’ x Roger Roger ‘105’
June/July.  Yellow.  ‘Bridget’ is a good shaped light yellow with a strong upright spike and a nice red-barred labellum.  ‘105’ came to us thanks to Geoff Le Marne and is a strong clean yellow with a good spike and a red-barred lip.  It is one of the parents of the prize winning Gwen ThomasGwen Thomas 'Golden Fire'grex.  We are expecting strong upright spiking yellows with distinctive red-barred labellums.
A 45 Foxfire Principal ‘Bridget’ x Foxfire Crush ‘Poor Yorick’Foxfire Crush 'Poor Yorick'
June/July.  Orange.  Here the light yellow shapely ‘Bridget’ has been crossed with ‘Poor Yorick’, which is a very strong orange/brown colour with a big wide red labellum.  This cross attempts to bring strong colour to an earlier flowering time, perhaps even some in May.  For those wondering where the name for ‘Poor Yorick’ came from, we expect next year’s list to have crosses using (Coratea x Kakadu Sunset) ‘Hamlet’ which had the interim nomenclature ‘2B’ (to be) , 2 because it was the second plant of the cross kept and B for brown.  ‘Poor Yorick’ was third kept and was 3B, which of course is not 2B (not to be)!
A 46 Firetail Spectrum ‘Innocence’ x Dalmeny Splash ‘Mystique’Dalmeny Splash 'Mystique'
June/July.  White.  The August flowering ‘Mystique’ came to us from a cross done by Theo Schutz.  It is a "flat" white with a blush line through the centre of the petals and sepals, has matching nice light pink lip markings, a strong upright spike and blooms display well.  ‘Innocence’, flowering in May, has a strong upright spike and the flowers are white with a strong pink-barred labellum.  A lot of powerful qualities are in this cross and likely to produce a percentage both early and late.  They will be pretty!
A 47 Foxfire Crush ‘Justin’ x Firetail Intuition ‘Honey’Firetail Intuition ‘Honey’
July.  Brown to Orange.  This cross represents a variation and an attempt to produce a range of different colours.  ‘Honey’ has very good "flat" shape and the blooms arrange well on a very powerful tall spike.  Once again, ‘Justin’ is an outstanding orange coloured flower with a big red lip held on a strong spike.
A 48 Khan Flame ‘Mocca’ x (Yowie Pepper x Hot Prime) ‘Cooper’
July.  Brown.  ‘Cooper’ has, if at all possible, perfect shape, with very good arrangement on an excellent spike. The medium brown colour is good and it has a red-barred lip.  The darker ‘Mocca’ is well known for its good shape, even colour and spike habit.  A pleasing result in this colour range having improved productivity and colour.